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  • Why Blog?

    Why Blog?

    In design, there is a methodology to get to the heart of a problem called the five whys.

  • Concatenate

    Since embarking on a new endeavor, a change of title is in order. Why concatenate (the title is spelled phonetically and a play on yours truly’s name)? Well, this blog seeks to link things together. In my personal case, linking art and a life spent in technology. We use concatenation in computing all the time; […]

  • Time Out

    “You need a time out!” shouts the mother to the toddler with the temper tantrum. “TIME OUT!” calls the coach as he gathers his players into a huddle to discuss the next play. “I need time out of this rat race,” laments the single parent with three kids and two jobs. What does “time out” mean […]

  • Siesta

    It’s mid-afternoon and everyone has disappeared. Well, that’s not entirely true, I know where everyone is but it is relatively quiet. My husband and daughter are playing a Wii game (he helps her out when she gets stuck) but the cats are nowhere to be found. A little investigation and I discover that all the […]

  • Anticipation

  • Recycled

    As an owner of an off-track thoroughbred (OTTB), I subscribe to any number of horse email lists and blogs. While most of these offer tips on horse care, training, and farm management, occasionally there is a post that is horse related but not typical. Horse Collaborative had one such post listed under their “western” category although […]

  • Epiphany


    Epiphany, with a capital “E”, is celebrated on January 6th and is the festival commemorating Christ’s coming into the world for all people through the homage paid by the Magi. It can also mean (when spelled with a small “e”) a sudden insight or perception into the essential meaning of something usually triggered by the […]

  • Blogging 101- New ideas amidst the old

    Blogging 101- New ideas amidst the old

    Even though I’ve had this blog for a while now, I’ve yet to complete a blogging 101 course with WordPress.com. Something has always come up in the past; either work or family situations take the focus away from completing the assignments. Well, it’s a new year and with a new year, the resolution to have a […]

  • Watchwords


    Every year our church participates in the Moravian tradition of pulling watchwords. If you don’t know what a watchword is, it is a motto or slogan (in our case a Bible verse) that is supposed to lead you throughout the year. Sometimes, it seems to make no sense at all what you pull out of […]

  • Hope of the Sycamore (or Sweet Gum)

    [Update: January 4, 2015. Marsha informed me today that what I mistakenly thought was a sycamore seed pod is actually a sweet gum tree pod although the bark of the tree it was sitting under looked suspiciously like the sycamore tree and not the sweet gum tree. Marsha was kind enough to bring one of her sycamore pods […]