Moravian Lamb Ornament


Every year our church participates in the Moravian tradition of pulling watchwords. If you don’t know what a watchword is, it is a motto or slogan (in our case a Bible verse) that is supposed to lead you throughout the year. Sometimes, it seems to make no sense at all what you pull out of the basket until much later when it has prescient significance. Sometimes it is comforting, sometimes it is seemingly reproachful, sometimes it can be downright puzzling and even a bit scary. I’m always amazed at how the watchwords seem to fit the individual who pulls them in some way or at least has meaning to that individual. It’s probably one of my favorite services of the entire church year and one of the unique things our church as a denomination does. By the way, there are daily watchwords also known as the Moravian Daily Texts and you can subscribe to receive them free via email or purchase a variety of print versions from the Moravian web site. My friend Mike Riess produces them for the Moravian Church in North America in his role as head of communications.

Here’s what I drew for this year:

You, O Lord, have made me glad by your work; at the works of your hands I sing for joy.

Psalm 92:4

Color Pop

Oscar sports his pop of color with his lime green collar. He was dropped off in our church with a sign on his crate reading “please don’t take to a kill shelter”. He has a forever home with us instead.