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  • 2018-4 Snow Day

  • 2018-3 WuTu

  • 2018-2 I Said the Cow

  • 2018-1 Snowflake

  • New year, new challenges, new opportunities

    The start of the new year brings with it a new slate and new resolutions. What are yours? In looking back, did you accomplish what you wanted to in 2017? Are there any goals and resolutions you “outgrew”? What are your plans for the future? Today is about reflecting on what comes next. Where do…

  • Experimental


    Finding something you love, even if it is later in life, is a complete joy. I recently started a graphic design program, and although I’ve been out of school for way too many years, I’ve found that the discipline of learning never entirely leaves you. That said, everything is new now with all the electronic…

  • Radical

  • Zing

    This guy and several of his cohorts were with us when we went hiking at Kiptopeke State Park in Virginia.

  • Hello, Again!

    Wow, is it already November? Where in the world has the time gone? It seems like yesterday since I last posted but it’s been months. Hopefully, Blogging 101 will inspire all of us to be more intentional in our posting.  Awhile ago I posted this on my About page and so for this first day…

  • Hope of the Sycamore (or Sweet Gum)

    [Update: January 4, 2015. Marsha informed me today that what I mistakenly thought was a sycamore seed pod is actually a sweet gum tree pod although the bark of the tree it was sitting under looked suspiciously like the sycamore tree and not the sweet gum tree. Marsha was kind enough to bring one of her sycamore pods…