Why am I here and not somewhere else?

As you probably know, this is primarily a photography and art blog but I thought I’d let you in on why I created it in the first place. For those that know me, they know I work in the non-profit religious sector as a Director of Communication and IT. What you might not know is that I never intended to end up in technology, it just sort of happened. My background is actually in art and after spending 20 plus years doing tech work from database programming to telecommunication installs to system administration and now web and social media, I was beginning to feel as if I lost my creativity and a little of my soul.

I think we all are creators at some level. In fact, I believe we walk hand in hand with our own Creator (in my case, a Christian God) and have a responsibility to make this world of ours a better place; a more beautiful place. Creative activities aren’t always pretty, they aren’t always safe, and they sometimes turn out rather badly and pretty ugly too. That is part of the process. I said we are charged with making our world more beautiful but that also means we have to learn along the way what that means and it also means we are forgiven for our failures. We learn what we can and can’t do along the way; we learn to reshape the ugly, the first drafts, the unsatisfactory efforts.

In the long run the process is as important as the final work and we won’t reach our own final work until the very end when we meet our own creator who has been shaping us all along.



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