Your Work is Your Gift

leaves in the fall on macadam

I just watched a great video of graphic designer, James Victore, at a 99% ConferenceYou can find it on YouTube here: “James Victore: Your Work Is a Gift” . If you don’t know James’ work, he’s an edgy graphic designer making people think. He highlights his work for the Department of Probation for New York City and it’s really REAL. As he tells it, he wanted to make, with his design work, an impression of a stern, but cool, father. The work is really amazing and catchy. However, I think the most important thing he says is that your work is a gift. How many of us really feel that way, I wonder? Do you consider your work a gift?

One response to “Your Work is Your Gift”

  1. That is my long term goal! To turn my gifts into my work! To earn a living by doing things that I enjoy that don’t actually feel like work! I used to say, “I wish I could get paid for going to concerts” because that is where I feel most alive! That was part of the inspiration to start my blog, in hopes that someday, I may actually be able to get paid attending concerts and doing other music industry related things! 🙂

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