Time to recharge. Change habits, change jobs, change. Why? Because it is the only way to grow intellectually and the only way to recharge those brain neurons of yours. I happen to love change. It gives me an opportunity to see things in a new way, experience new ideas, new people, new places, new options. We humans are pretty adaptable, but only if we embrace change and see it as an opportunity.

On a daily basis we all encounter people (and sometimes institutions) we know who are part of the “M” tribe. What is the “M” tribe? That’s the tribe of Miserable people. These unfortunates are change adverse. They are the ones who, no matter how much a change will make their lives better, will complain endlessly (and often loudly) to all within hearing range.

Embracing change keeps you from being part of the “M” tribe. Allowing time to recharge and learn new things also keeps you from the “M” tribe. Take the time today to go someplace new, try a new food, explore a new hobby, or read a new book in a genre you don’t normally explore. You might find yourself recharged in a new and better way.


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