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Today I received an email from a very dear friend that I haven’t seen in a really long-time. She has recently retired and is trying to get a group of us together for a weekend of catching up. She offered up a number of weekends that are at least a month or more in the future.

To my utter dismay, of the weekends mentioned, only one was totally free. How in the world did that happen? Honestly, how? It made me look at my calendar and I realized just how over scheduled I am (and I’m trying hard to cut back on the “should” and “required” which really are not). That made me think about how over scheduled all my friends and colleagues are. Our lives are ruled by time slots and clocks and work requirements. Expectations of always being available in a completely networked world doesn’t help either, it only compounds the issue.

We had a great discussion last night at church around making time to feed your spirit because we need that and we need it not to be about forcing more into our schedule. We need it to be about making our spirit a priority so we aren’t ruled by expectations but have time to spend growing in enlightenment. Do you find yourself over scheduled?

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