New Venture! Introducing Konkatenate, LLC

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If you’ve read this blog, off and on, over the past couple of years, you might have remembered me commenting that I returned to school to get a B.F.A. in Graphic Design. While I’m not quite done yet, I have started my own design firm called Konkatenate, and I hope you will go check it out and what we are working on.

Why Konkatenate as a name? Well, it’s the phonetic form of “concatenate,” and for those of you who know computing, you know that it means to link things together. Since this venture is intended to connect my art and design with my computing background, Konkatenate made sense. It also incorporates my name. Third, and most importantly, I want my design work to connect people together and to the world around them. I was looking for a name that embodied all of the above and Konkatenate seemed to be the perfect fit. Right now, yours truly is the only employee, but I hope to connect with other designers, front-end developers, and writers to create a community design firm for the greater Lehigh Valley.

What will the firm provide for services? Web design, graphic design, user prototyping, print design, illustration, package design, user design, process design, infographics, copywriting & editing, and photography to start. Who is it for? The target market it small business owners and solopreneurs who need design services but who either can’t afford a large design firm or who want an exceptional human-centered design experience with someone who will take the time to get to know them and their clients.

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