Holding Back the Hands of Time

If you could have any superpower, what would it be? Me, I’d love to be able to stop time, not for forever, but at discrete moments, like when you need the time to THINK about something. Or when you need that extra hour, half-a-day, or even a week to get caught up on things. On a more serious note, having the ability to prepare adequately for a disaster (or a pandemic) would be highly beneficial.

Imagine the ability to never be behind on a project. To always be organized since getting organized wouldn’t be an issue. To never have to worry about rushing projects or forgetting things because you ran out of time to double-check you had everything for whatever it was you were doing. Imagine, too, the ability to prepare to evacuate thousands from harm’s way was a natural disaster to occur.

I wouldn’t want it for stopping time altogether. Life is for living, and that requires a march of time. We learn as we grow, and growth takes time.

Sepia overtone photo of clock.
Clock at Philadelphia Flower Show 2013

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