Dreaming of beavers

What do you dream about? Not daydream about, but what do you dream at night? Supposedly, our subconscious takes over during sleep to help us process all the sensory input we’ve been exposed to during the day or over our lifetime. Do you remember your dreams? I don’t, but there was this one about beavers.

I can remember a conversation with my daughter and husband regarding beavers. We happen to like beavers in our family; they are industrious, curious, funny, and very good architects of their own environments. At any rate, we were having a conversation about beavers one evening. After watching a YouTube video about a woman who rescues and raises orphaned beavers, I think it was. Consequently, when I went to bed that night, I dreamt about beavers, only I was the one being invited into their spacious den lodge at the edge of a lake and treated to a dinner of pancakes and hot coffee. I can remember one of the beavers standing at what looked like an old-fashioned cast-iron stove flipping pancakes and wearing a white apron with ruffles. I was sitting at the table, and the other beavers were traipsing in from wherever beavers went when they weren’t eating. They sat down at the table, and the beaver cook brought the pancakes to the table. It was all very cozy but also a bit bizarre as we were all dry and yet at the same time underwater.

I don’t remember much else of the dream, but every time I think about beavers, I think about pancakes in a den at the edge of a lake and smile.

Photo by Andrew Patrick on Pexels.com



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