Author: Kat Lehman

  • Remote, anyone?

    I’ve always thought, that in an information-centric world, the push for companies to oversee their employees physically was outdated and bad stewardship; a waste of time, talent, and natural resources.

  • An Easter People

    An Easter People

    Moravians are Easter people which means celebrating Holy Week all week with Holy Week readings, a Maundy Thursday Eucharist, Good Friday, Great Sabbath (for some, others it’s optional), and usually at least two and often three services Easter morning.

  • What Are You Doing?

    “May you live in interesting times,” is, reportedly, a Chinese curse. Now whether that is true or not, I’m not sure, but I do know this; we are definitely living in interesting times and I’m sure a number of us believe we are cursed.

  • Drawing Fundamentals

    Drawing is simply a line going for a walk. – Paul Klee

  • Love comes hard

    In my father’s house there are many rooms, and mine is filled with cats. On this Valentine’s Day eve, we said goodbye to our beloved Oskar. Rest in peace, my beloved creamsicle cat, we will love and miss you always.

  • Gratitude

    So this summer has brought new beginnings to our family in that both my daughter and I finished our degrees. Hers was a B.A. in English with an anthropology minor from Davidson College, and mine was a B.F.A. in graphic design from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. While this wasn’t my “first rodeo”…

  • New Venture! Introducing Konkatenate, LLC

    If you’ve read this blog, off and on, over the past couple of years, you might have remembered me commenting that I returned to school to get a B.F.A. in Graphic Design. While I’m not quite done yet, I have started my own design firm called Konkatenate, and I hope you will go check it…

  • Rogue Pickings

    Just finished hand-coding out a sample site for Skillcrush called Rogue Pickings. This was a fun exercise that entailed taking a Photoshop .psd file and turning it into a web mockup for a potential client. Although I’ve modified code in the past, this was the third time I’ve taken an idea from photo concept to…

  • Portfolios

    So you might have wondered where I’ve been. Well, I wanted a creative outlet so I decided to go back to school to earn a BFA in graphic design. Why get another degree, you ask? Because I could, for one, and because I know myself well enough to know that the structure of a classroom…

  • New Email Changes

    Well, the new email regulations require me to rethink how my blog posts are delivered. So, for the time being, I’m taking the email option off of my blog. Please know that I never distribute email addresses, but to be safe and compliant, I’m removing the option until I understand the implications and can ensure…