Category: Miscellaneous

  • Gratitude


    What are you grateful for?

  • Assumptions

    What do people assume about you? Is it correct? Or, did they miss the mark entirely and assume something totally incorrect about you? False assumptions happen about us, and we, in turn, make incorrect assumptions about others. Sometimes, those are wildly inaccurate; sometimes, they are nuanced and not wholly accurate but might be closer to…

  • On Writing

    On Writing

    Are you a writer? What do you like most about your writing? I don’t consider myself a writer, or at least it’s not my favorite medium for expressing myself.

  • Inspiration

    Who inspires you and why?

  • Wish I May, Wish I Might

    What do you wish for tonight? Specifically, what do you wish you knew how to do tonight? Can you pick just one thing? I know I can’t. There’s an entire world of things out there to learn, understand, and do.

  • The Childhood Joy of Childhood Toys

    I was lucky. I had multiple toys as a child, the privilege of being an only child, and, for the longest time, the only grandchild on my mother’s side.

  • Oh Those Comforting Comfort Zones

    When was the last time you left your comfort zone? Can we even define a comfort zone now?

  • Goal setting

    Every year, at the end of the previous year, I review what I wanted to accomplish and then determine if I achieved the goals I set for myself. I used to make resolutions. Not any more. Instead, I set goals.

  • “So, tell me a bit about yourself…”

    The dreaded interview question that all employers ask and yet are somewhat afraid of the answer.

  • Remote, anyone?

    I’ve always thought, that in an information-centric world, the push for companies to oversee their employees physically was outdated and bad stewardship; a waste of time, talent, and natural resources.