Well, I’m very late with a number of posts this month so I’m trying to get caught up. Here is a photo of Martin Towers, former headquarters of Bethlehem Steel and now abandoned. In my mind, it stands as a reminder of greed (management and union). Had both sides been willing to adopt sustainable development and cooperation, I believe Bethlehem Steel would still be in business today.IMG_0311.JPG

The Golden Key

What would you do with a golden key that opened a whole new world to you but to which you really weren’t supposed to have access? Would you keep it secret that you had it? Would you use it? Would it scare you? Would you get rid of it?

I think how one responds to this question depends on if the key was a physical key or a mental key. For example, if the golden key opened a safe deposit box with funds that could save the world from hunger, or held the cure to Ebola, I think that might be a worthy cause for using the key to get the funds or the serum especially if there was no known owner of the box. On the other hand, if the golden key was guarding a vault with information that could harm people if I opened it, I would attempt to find a way to return it to its owner trusting that there was a valid reason for keeping things locked up. Those are answers to what to do with a physical golden key, but what do you do with a mental one?

Aren’t we all given a golden key daily? That key is time. It’s the only true democratic thing in this world. Everyone is given the same number of minutes or seconds on any given day. I know some will argue that some people’s lives are longer than others but that proves my point in a way. What do you do with your golden key of time? Do you make the most of it by trying to earn more? Do you squander it watching TV you don’t even like? Do you try to connect on a deeper level with your friends and relations? What do you do with your time? To me its the golden key that seems elusive because there never seems to be enough and yet we all have access to the same amount. Our lives are so full of things to do, places to go, people to meet, that we forget the preciousness of the moment in which we find ourselves.

The next time you feel harried, take a moment to use that golden key to look around you and relish being alive and experiencing all you can in that moment. Make that moment special and just be.

Color Pop

Oscar sports his pop of color with his lime green collar. He was dropped off in our church with a sign on his crate reading “please don’t take to a kill shelter”. He has a forever home with us instead.



The telephone has transformed our world like no other medium. Not only has it been possible to speak with someone millions of miles away, it has provided the framework for all our Internet activity as well. The next time you talk or text someone, pause a moment and give thanks for all the people who make it possible to communicate in our far-flung world.