Please don’t send me THERE!

Please don’t send me to Las Vegas, Nevada. I have nothing against Las Vegas nor do I have anything against Nevada. I’m sure people enjoy themselves very much in Las Vegas. However, I am not a gambler, don’t enjoy the accoutrements of most resort casinos, and neon strobe lights tend to make me dizzy. To me, there is something a little too seedy; a little too decadent; a little too corrupt about the place. Yes, I know, there are wonderful shows and shopping. But, I really don’t need anything more than I have (I might want it, but I certainly don’t need it). I don’t enjoy concerts and comedians for the most part. I certainly don’t find quick wedding chapels appealing. All that said, I’m certainly willing to change my mind if you can convince me my impressions are inaccurate. Even so, please don’t send me there.

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