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  • An Ideal Day at Home

    An Ideal Day at Home

    If you could imagine the ideal day, what would it be like for you?

  • Gratitude


    What are you grateful for?

  • 2018-12 Just Wrong…

    Ok, this one needs a word of explanation. We live in Pennsylvania, Northeast Pennsylvania to be more precise, and it is January. It was 1 degree Fahrenheit on Sunday. You do the math and then explain to me how this is not a climate change issue.

  • Recycling History

    Recycling History

    Today was beautiful. The weather was a balmy 37 degrees farenheit up from the cold of single digits just a few days ago. The light was superb; a clear day, sunny with not a cloud in the sky. A day like today makes you glad to be out in the sunshine dreaming of summer days…