An Ideal Day at Home

If you could imagine the ideal day, what would it be like for you?

Would you spend it in bed?

Would you binge-watch your favorite TV series or movies you’ve not watched?

Maybe you’d rather go hiking, biking, or shopping.

Or, maybe it’s spending the day with family and friends.

For me, I’d wake up and make myself the perfect cup of coffee. Then, because the weather was sunny and warm, I’d hop on my bike and with my family, we’d ride down the rail trail to a fantastic hole-in-the-wall diner that has the best eggs benedict and country ham brunch around. We’d stop and eat, taking time to relax over a good meal. Once we finished eating, we’d window gaze while our meal settled then hop back on our bikes to begin the return trip. On the way back, we’d stop at Farmer’s Market and pick up fresh vegetables and homemade baked goods. Next door to the Farmer’s Market, we’d grab an ice cream cone at the Inside Scoop ice cream parlor. After finishing the ice cream, we’d head the rest of the way home. Once home, we’d each grab a nice, hot, relaxing shower and then make a pitcher of homemade lemonade. We’d take a book and go read by the fountain in the park by our house and then enjoy the sunset by the Grist Mill park at the other end of town.

Fountain in Hellertown Borough Authority Park.
Hellertown Borough Authority Park fountain.

2 responses to “An Ideal Day at Home”

  1. This sounds like a great day!

    1. Thanks! I love your mission statement. Everyone, go check it out. It’s awesome!

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