The Perfect Company

What would the Perfect Company be if you could design it? Would you work remotely? Would you have unlimited vacation? Would you have a fabulous healthcare plan for all employees and their families (partnered people included)? Would you have great recreation opportunities? Travel? Social Justice minded? What would it look like?

Here’s my Perfect Company. It would have a great healthcare plan for all people including an awesome prescription plan as well as a full-fledged wellness program. The Perfect Company would care about social justice issues and sustainability. It would focus on people and solving the world’s big issues or at least help find a way to solve the world’s big issues. It would have an unlimited vacation plan so that if someone wanted to delve into a project that might be creative and not in line with the business model, they would be able to do so. The Perfect Company would have travel opportunities and a superb continuing education program. It’s focus would be on giving back to the community and making everyone’s lives richer (not necessarily monetarily, but socially).  And finally, it would be built on trust and honor. What would your Perfect Company be?


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