Blogging 101- New ideas amidst the old

Cat Mint

Even though I’ve had this blog for a while now, I’ve yet to complete a blogging 101 course with Something has always come up in the past; either work or family situations take the focus away from completing the assignments. Well, it’s a new year and with a new year, the resolution to have a more active presence on the web. My goal is to try new things, see what works and what doesn’t, come up with a more consistent presence across platforms and essentially figure things out through a little experimentation. If you’ve followed my blog, you know it’s a bit eclectic but pretty heavily focused on images and photography. Recently I decided to focus on experimenting with the mobile platform so you might see a few posts with wponthego as a category or tag along with iphonography. Those will all come from the iPhone so let me know what you think. On the way (tomorrow, hopefully) is a set of additional lenses I’m planning on playing with. The freedom to post from wherever and whenever is amazing! By the way, I love this cat mint plant which seems to not remember it is supposed to be dormant in January. The new life bursting through even though it is freezing is a testimony to the plant’s wish to survive and thrive.

May we all have that same spirit.

Feedback is welcome and I look forward to hearing from you.


7 responses to “Blogging 101- New ideas amidst the old”

  1. Well this is a wonderful beginning!

  2. Hello! What kind of lens are you getting?

    1. It actually is a set of lenses that screw onto a special iPhone case made for them. It includes an 8X telephoto (OK, not great but it’s a phone not a fancy DSLR), a macro lens, a wide angle lens, and a fisheye lens along with a mini-tripod, carrying case and a bracket to attach the iPhone to a tripod all for under $70 US. I ordered it from Amazon and so far I’m pretty impressed. It’s too cold here to use it outside very well but I plan on playing with it over the weekend and see what I get. I took the pine branch in the snow shot with the telephoto lens already.

      1. Aww I have an Android so I don’t think there are many options with that haha

      2. I don’t know of any lenses for Android but if they make them, I’m sure they are out there. The company who makes them is ECO-FUSED so you might check with them to see. Good luck!

  3. Life always manages to throw a wrench in our best laid plans doesn’t it? Great start and looking forward to see if I can pick up any tips or tricks on photography from you! : )

    1. Thanks! I’m humbled to know I might be of help with your work.

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